Beethoven Piano Trios Op. 70

Beethoven composed six trios for piano, violin and violoncello, which are all very substantial works in both their content and the position they have earned in the classical repertoire. His first three trios published as op. 1 show influences from Haydn, but were a clear statement to the world of an extraordinary talent. As Beethoven was well into his ”middle period” in his stylistic evolution, he returned to the genre, presenting the two strongly contrasting op. 70 trios, of which the first, in D Major, is frequently referred to as the ”ghost” trio, probably attributable to the eerie, desolate middle movement in d minor, while its outer movements are joyously radiant. The second trio in E-flat major, has a more reserved character in its first three movements while the finale is almost explosive in its wild energy. It is, undeservedly, less often programmed than the first trio in the set, possibly due to the much greater difficulties the performers have to tackle.
David Ernst Molnar (piano), Melinda Vásárhelyi (violin) & Tibor Molnár (violoncello). Recorded in 2015.