Songs For A Short Attention Span

The Candle Thieves 2021-05-10发行
Songs For A Short Attention Span is the surprise new release from The
Candle Thieves.

In 2021 reinventing the proverbial wheel in pop music pushes beyond
the realm of human possibility. Precariously, Scott and Glock have
managed to source some sparkly glow in the dark spokes to attach to
the wheel, along with a nifty reflector.

The self set gauntlet was to write songs between a minute and a minute
and a half but to create a scene, present a mood and successfully say
everything you want to both musically and lyrically in that short
space of time.

The idea came from the discovery of flash fiction. The idea of
telling a story in as few a words as possible was intriguing and
putting this idea into a musical way sparked some new ideas and an
alternative approach to writing.

The band went into the studio with 15 songs. As with every Candle
Thieves album, time and budget were their arch nemesis’, the final
boss battle!

“We had to make a decision fairly early on, we were either going to go
for numbers or production value. Although these are short songs we
wanted to take the same care as we would usually to make sure the
songs came to life musically.”

The songs were recorded in two days at the start of April 2021 at the
Nave studios in Leeds with long time friend and producer Andy Hawkins.
Thank you as always for listening and making it possible for us to
keep being creative, making music and keeping our band in existence.
It’s a beacon of light in our otherwise pretty regular lives.

We hope to see you again in China soon!