AMG 45 (Sleep Without Me)

Philippe 2021-06-11发行
AMG45 is the first official release from Montreal Artist Philippe. The project is broken up into three songs, which take us on a journey of a late night, disoriented car ride. Philippe speaks on his relationship with himself, substance abuse, guilt and ultimately self-acceptance. During the intro he says, (translated from French) "Against me I always reluctantly received your criticism. Against who? Who am I fighting against by consuming contraband?" Combining hard hitting 808's with high-pitched melodic hooks, we can see elements of hip-hop, alternative R&B, and electronic genres. Philippe, heavily influenced by artists like Kaytranada & The Weeknd, showcases his ability to be an artist and producer, and define his own musical identity. AMG45 is out on all platforms June 11, 2021.