Solas Composer, Pt. 3

Solas | Composer 2022-01-06发行
Created by Solas Composer:
| This music, is intended to motivate you, assist with meditation, exercise, study, sleep, self-reflection, and more... Please subscribe if you enjoy this and find it helpful.

Music License:
| All music on this channel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License:
Meaning that I have made it free to use in other’s YouTube videos, and more (Copyright Free). All I ask is that you credit me when using my music in your videos in the description of your upload, and to use the same Creative Commons ShareAlike license on your content.

Who am I?
| I am Solas, a composer who primarily creates fantasy inspired music. My biggest influences definitely are, Avicii, Adrian Von Ziegler, and Hans Zimmer, also Peter and Darren Gundry, Howard Shore and a lot more… I also draw a lot of inspiration from TV shows such as Game Of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, The Witcher, and games like Skyrim/Elder Scrolls Online, Zelda, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, the Diablo Franchise, World of Warcraft, and Ashes of Creation.