Bel Air



Bringing together Roy Orbison’s sensual waves and

the melodic elements of the fifties,

BelAir unfolds as a ribbon of silk that has been soaked in acid.

Brought up by the singer, author and composer Julian ;

the band, a long-time fan of Elvis, has a great passion for

the writing of friend Bob Dylan, holds the harmonies

of the Four Seasons dear to its heart,

and finds inspiration in the Fender Jaguar riffs of the Beach Boys.

Every song is less than three minutes-long, just like short movies would be,

in order to create a unconventional combination, both dark and bright,

cinematic and nostalgic. The rumble of classic dirty pop makes room

for the frenetic electronic beats.

BelAir, in spite of its retro original affection to the 50s and 60s’ California,

is a cup of fresh air with a taste of candy,

made thoroughly elegant by Julian's quilted voice.

Inspired and roaring, BelAir comes to life.
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